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Discover our high-precision composite-part machining workshop. We fulfil your sub-contracting requirements for medium-sized production series.

Sub-contract your composite-part machining needs to a specialist workshop

Idréva, an acknowledged specialist in composite-part machining provides you with all the expertise and experience of its workshop for the sub-contracting of your composite-part machining needs. We can produce made-to-measure parts by the unit or produce compound assemblies.

Our composite-part machining workshop

Idréva: a highly responsive manufacturing facility

Made to measure: Our digitally controlled tools are specially designed for machining composite materials. Consequently, our operators can create custom parts that demand considerable human involvement.

Flexibility: Our teams can produce parts by unit. We can programme our equipment to produce small or medium-sized series of made-to-measure parts.

Responsiveness: Our structure and flexibility enable our teams to respond quickly to your requests. In urgent situations, we can deal with an order in less than 48 hours.

Machining composite parts for industry

Applications of composite-part machining

Composite materials are often machined to meet the requirements of electrical insulation. Composite materials do not conduct electricity. Consequently, a lot of products used by professional in the electricity sector are produced in composite materials . An example of this is electricians’ ladders.

Machined composite products also provide excellent mechanical and thermal resistance. This means the products have a long lifespan and are easy to maintain.

At Idréva, we work with a wide variety of companies:

  • Directly with professionals in the electronics, electromechanical, industrial and aeronautical sectors.
  • As a sub-contractor with machining companies that do not have the appropriate machines for machining composite parts in small series.
Our design office works hand in hand with the workshop specialising

Choose our company for your sub-contracted machining requirements

Our composite-part machining workshop is supported by a design office specialised in composite-material engineering. As such, we implement precision tools and qualified operators to carry out your made-to-measure projects.

We deliver our machined composite products in France and abroad.

The professions of our composite-materials workshop
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