Composite guard-rails for industry and buildings open to the public

Unfortunately, falling from a height is one of the most common occupational accidents. The most effective way of preventing such accidents is to install protection in the form of guard-rails.

Our composites guard-rails are modular and unalterable: they make your public or industrial facilities safer (buildings, roofs, terraces, etc.).

They have been designed to meet the constraints of every type of environment, allow people to move safely around your sites or premises.

Technical characteristics of our industrial guard-rails

Idréva guard-rails are compliant with the quality and safety standards in force and meet the requirements of professionals in every sector.

Our composite guard-rails have the following technical characteristics:

  • Compliant with NF E85-015 industrial standard: this standard sets out characteristics in terms of design and dimensions. It guarantees maximum safety.
  • Compliant with the NFP 01-012 standard: this standard regulates the sizing of guard-rails in places of public buildings (dwellings, offices, shops, schools, etc.)
  • Fixed on composite mountings or bases
  • Numerous accessories allow the guard-rails to be adapted to every type of configuration
  • Assembly screws and bolts in composite or 316 steel
  • Hinged composite gates with automatic closing system
The many advantages of a composite guard-rail
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Applications for composite guard-rails

Our composite guard-rails have many applications; in particular, they are used to make dangerous walkways, stairs and terraces safe.

The product range is suited to both public buildings (to ensure the safety of public visitors), and industrial environments.

Composite guard-rails offer many advantages:

  • they can be fitted on all types of supporting materials
  • They are quick to install, even in the mist technical environments

The many qualities of the composite material itself justify Idréva market positioning: we chose this material for its high performance level, which allows us to meet every requirement.

We install your industrial composite guard-rails on site

Idréva guard-rails are tailor-made in France. They meet the many standards in force in the sector, guaranteeing their quality and reliability.

Idréva designs its guard-rails in pre-assembled modules so as to facilitate transport and assembly on site, even for the most complex configurations.

We deliver our guard-rails all over the world. However, Idréva’s specialist teams only install the products in the northern and western sectors of France.

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