Industrial composite panels and plates

To secure complex access points, we have developed a range of one-piece access hatches in composites. They are made by Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM), which ensures unrivalled durability over time.

In addition, we have integrated a simple yet innovative system of anti-fall bars so that the trapdoor hatches secure the access points while helping to prevent potential accidents.

Technical characteristics of our composite access hatches, panels and plates

Our composite access hatches meet all the standards and regulations in force, guaranteeing their quality and reliability, because safety and customer satisfaction are our foremost priorities.

They have the following characteristics:

  • Protruding or embedded hatches
  • Mechanical resistance of 250 kg/m² (or more if requested)
  • Silicone-based, rough or smooth finish
  • Specific chemical resistance and fire-rating (on request)

The many advantages of composite access hatches

The many advantages of composite access hatches
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Applications of composite panels

Standardsize composite access hatches are kept in stock and can be delivered within 4 days. For made-to-measure designs and sizes, please consult us.

All our access hatches comply with the various regulations in force. The composite material used to make the hatches does not corrode.

Idréva composite secure access hatches also have other advantages:

  • Integrated anti-fall bars, that comply with the French INRS (occupational health and safety organisation) recommendations
  • A light, easy-to-handle system
  • Unrivalled lifespan thanks to its one-piece design

We install your composite access hatches on site

We keep standard sizes of our secure access hatches in stock; they can also be made to measure. All Idréva products are manufactured in France and comply with the standards in force, guaranteeing their quality and reliability.

We design our access hatches in pre-assembled modules so as to facilitate transport and assembly, even for the most complex sites.

We deliver our access hatches all over the world. However, our specialist teams only install the products in the northern and western sectors of France.

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